JB Systems LB30 Complete Light Bridge

SKU MSLC-00151
  • Budget priced but multifunctional aluminium light bridge Composed of 2 light stands with T-bar and 2 truss elements.
  • Both light stands with T-bar can be used separately!
  • Perfect for mobile DJs: can be loaded in any car!
  • Distributed load up to 100kg!
  • Width between stands = 3m
  • Total width with T-bars installed = 4,2m
  • Maximum height = 3,25m

    Technical Information
  • Max. distributed load: 100kg
  • Weight complete bridge: 20kg
  • Height complete bridte: 1,62m to 3,25m
  • Width between stands: 3m Total width incl T-bars: 4,2m
  • Truss elements (2pcs): L=1,5m/pc, total=3m (tube=38mm)
  • T-bar size: 1,2m (D=38mm)
  • Light stands – top section: H=84cm, 2 preset holes (D=38mm)
  • Light stands – middle section: H=96cm, 5 preset holes (D=41mm)
  • Light stands – base section: H=130cm (D=45mm)
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