DJP R-4 LED Confetti Blower


The R-4 LED confetti blower is a quieter alternative to the confetti cannon. Loose coloured confetti is loaded into the machine and is then gradually blown out, instead of being shot out with compressed air. It also has built in LED's to add extra colour to the confetti in dark environments. It can be controlled manually or via DMX.


Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Fuse: 8A
Power: 1500W
Max Output Distance:          
Max Output Height: 5m
Output Coverage:             30m2
Max Continuos Output: 20s
LED Power: 8W x 6pcs
LED Colour:
DMX Channels: 9
Nett Weight: 10kg
Gross Weight: 11kg
Unit Size: 340x250x503mm
Package Size: 395x300x555mm
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