ALS Battery Powered LED PAR


  • DMX512 console control, can be controlled via signal cable and 2.4G wireless DMX signal.
  • Master-slave control is available online via the signal line or 2.4G wireless WifFi phone operation control, supports Android 2.3 or Apple iOS4.3 or later.
  • Phone APP Name:  LEDHome
  • Static colour choices (6 colours, dimming 0-255) + strobe function (speed adjustable 0-20)
  • Macro colour: 32 colors available
  • Automatic color change function (Speed 1 - 20)
  • Gradual color change function (Speed 1 - 20)
  • Quick color change function (Speed 1 - 20)
  • Strobe with red background, strobe with green background, strobe with blue background, strobe with yellow background (Speed 1 - 20)
  • 3 kinds of sound active functions (Quick change, quick change + gradual change, Strobe) + sound sentivitivity (0-100) can be controlled via Menu and IR remote.
  • 2.4G wireless electronic switch, can be turned on or off its power via the menu.  Upper left corner icon indicates whether open or closed WiFi module.
  • Balance settings: adjustment of brightness of 6 colors with fine tune current function, (127-255)
  • Top right corner of the LCD display is the battery icon - can be set on or off.
  • Screen-savers setting: can be set to normally on or turn off the display back-light.
  • Button automatically lock:  can be turned on or off through the menu settings.
  • Fan control:  Automatic.  Can be set to high-speed, medium-speed, low-speed mode.
  • Infrared remote control feature set: can be turned on or off through the menu.

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